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Lordz Io 2

Elastic Man

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About Elastic Man

Description Elastic Man is a funny arcade game where you are able for play using an elastic face. Drag and hold his face in order to relax and relieve stress.

Faces of babies always cause us to want to squeeze and pull them due to the adorableness and elasticity of the skin. Are you interested to squeeze the cheeks of the face of a child? Do you love playing with your skin smooth? Click the Start button in this game to relax with the skin that is elastic!

The game doesn't need you to complete any task and you are free to play however you want. Press the cheeks of your face. The skin can be stretched to either the right or left either up or down. Drag and then circle the face. There's nothing you cannot do. After having fun with his face, relax it and revel in the returning of your skin to normal. Whatever you do to alter the face, the skin will be back to its original form. Also, keep your eyes on these eyes that can move. Eyes that move very easily and move in line with the pointer of your mouse. Particularly when you play with the face the eyes will be drawn and will always look at the mouse. So interesting!

Additionally the mouth, ears and nose also give us enjoyment. They are hilarious and adorable. They'll also change shape after each time you play with the character's facial features. The nose is tiny but the mouth remains open, and the ears are adorable. These factors allow you to get a wonderful, relaxing experience.

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