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Lordz Io 2

Lordz Io 2

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About Lordz Io 2

If you have played the first edition of the Lordz Io you may know that it is very interesting multiplayer strategy game where people all around the world play together, create teams and fight against each others. The second version of the game which is called Lordz Io 2 is even more interesting game with a lot of awesome upgrades, absolutely new graphics and gameplay. For those who already know how to play the game there are a lot of new features that I will try to explain. As you might know, the main reason why such games are popular is the love of strategy games. In this game, your main mission is to create a strong and secure base where you can train a strong army to destoy your enemies. The graphics of the game stands above the crowd as well as the new gameplay so let's start the detailed review.

Building Strong Base

At the beginning of the game, you have several soldiers and an ammount of gold. Your mission is to build a strong and secure base where you can place your houses. The ideal place for building a base in my opinion is in the corners of the map because you are defended from two sides by default if you do so. There are a lot of different building which you can place on your base and all of them have their crucial functions. Building the base starts with creating a main house and only after placing it you will be allowed to build new houses. For the best experience, you must remember the hotkeys for every building - this will reduce the time of building a base and gives you advantage over the enemies. As you remember, in the first version of the game the number of buildings was little - you just had houses, gold mines and defensive building. In Lordz Io 2 you have to build special building for training different kinds of soldiers, one building for upgrading their skills, Enemy Watch Towers and others. The best thing that the developers made in this game is ability to build walls. No base is secured without walls and even though that they are not so strong, they can give you some time during the attack of enemies. It is a good idea to build walls across the Archers Tower and Mage Tower so they can make better damage to enemy. When the base is secured enough, you can start thinking about creating an army. Keep in mind that there are no Gold Mines in this game, you have to build an army and travel across the map gethering the golden coins. The bigger your army is, the more space it requires to move and as a result - the more golden coins you collect on your way. The soldiers have their own house of upgrades where you can buy a strong armor for your troops. Even though that upgrading all units can cost a lot of money, it is better to choose what kind of soldiers you are going to use and upgrade only them.

Defence Towers - Artchers & Mages

Just like the previous version of the game, this one offers you two types of towers which are used to defend your base - Archers Tower and Mage Tower. When you place a tower, you can click on it to explore additional upgrade tree. For example, if you have enough money, you can make your Mage Tower freeze enemy troops and If you use the proper strategy by placing it near other towers, you can achieve great success. In addition to the towers, you can use the Watch Tower which is used to spot the enemy troops nearby and give a signal about it. One more thing that is really new in this game is ability to train Healers. As you remember, in previous version of the game you didn't have the health bar of every soldier, just the health bar of the main one. Now, you can view the health of whole army so consider having a Healer in your army which can heal the army after the attack.

Building Army VS Building New Bases

In Lordz 2 Io you can't generate new army if you are not near your base. That's a pretty good feature which makes the game more interesting - if the enemy attack you and lost his army, he will need time to go back to base and generate a new one. At the same time, you will have some time to repair the broken defense and prepare for another wave. But there is a lifehack whick you can use - just bring several bases, so you won't need to go back to the main base to create army. You can just build the main building without placing any additional defense near enemy base, to get acccess to training units near the enemy. There are so many different strategies in this game, that most people just fail to understand the meaning - you should use a strategy according to your gaming style and units you have. For example, some players love to create a super secure base while others are focused on attacks only. It is up to you how to play and win. Keep in mind that you have ability to control your army with WASD buttons. If you want to control with mouse, just click the checkbox at the beginning of the game. Lordz Io 2 is a very interesting game which may seem a bit difficult for newbie users, that's why we have added a small educational video below where you can understand how the things work. Enjoy the full version of the Lordz 2 Io for free at Lordzio2.com

Basic Information About Game

Release Date : May 2019
Developer : Spinbot Studio
Original Name : Lordz 2 Conquest

Building Castles and Training Army
Expanding Territory Of Your Kingdom
Units & Buildings can be upgraded
New Skins to unblock
Fullscreen Mode with awesome graphics

Platforms : Web browser,Android & iOS

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